About Us

Dr. Borkowicz founded Enjoy Teaching Health LLC to continue the work that he has been doing for over 20 years.  Actually, Enjoy Teaching Health LLC is two companies in one.  It serves to assist businesses and school districts with their Employee Wellness programs and it provides free and low-cost resources for teachers of Health Education, Physical Education and Healthy Lifestyles.

Employee Wellness Programs

Do you want your employees to be healthier and more productive?  Would you like to reduce health insurance premiums?  In addition to being informed, people also need to be motivated in order for them to adopt a healthy lifestyle manner of living.  Dr. Borkowicz is known for providing presentations that educate and motivate the attendees and he does this in a very entertaining way.

Ron “Doc” Borkowicz is a nationally known and respected speaker and author on topics of healthy lifestyles and wellness.  He is nationally certified as a Health Promotions Director, a Health-Fitness Specialist, a Personal Trainer, and the list goes on.  From preventing heart attacks, strokes and various cancers to improving employee wellness in order to help bring down health insurance premiums, the Doc does it all.

"He takes the medical information and presents it in a way that is easy to understand and he does it in an entertaining way."
-- Presentation attendee

You can contact Dr. Borkowicz for keynote presentations, breakout sessions or workshops at RBorkowicz@EnjoyTeachingHealth.com.

K-12 Resources

As a frequent speaker at national and state conferences, Dr. Borkowicz spent years surveying K-12 teachers to find out what they wanted in an educational resource.  The teachers’ overwhelming concern was for a resource to be one that held the students’ interest, while at the same time did not require them to spend a lot of time preparing the lesson.  With these concerns used as a guideline, the K-12 section of Enjoy Teaching Health LLC was developed.  We do all of the work so that you can do the teaching.

When he received the Christa McAuliffe Fellowship Award from the United States Department of Education, Dr. Borkowicz spent the year traveling throughout the country interviewing K-12 and university teachers.  These teachers were known for developing outstanding programs in the areas of Physical Education, Health Education and Sports Medicine.  The results of Dr. Borkowicz’s research throughout the years (Masters Degree in Curriculum Development, Ph.D. specializing in Allied Health, numerous teacher interviews, post-Doctoral studies) were the development of many educational programs that received national recognition (see Awards).  He now wishes to make these resources available for others.

"He marries technology, advanced training, and prolific curriculum-writing to encourage healthy lifestyles."     USA TODAY